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Lifted Skin Folds

1 All people with diabetes/carers should be taught the correct technique for lifting a skin fold from the onset of injectable therapy. (see Fig 2.)


 2 The lifted skin fold should not be squeezed so tightly that it causes skin blanching or pain.



3 The optimal sequence should be:

1) Make a lifted skin fold

2) Insert needle into skin at 90% angle (see Figure 3)

3) Administer therapy

4) Leave the needle in the skin for at least 10 seconds after the thumb button plunger is fully epressed

5) Withdraw needle from the skin

6) Release lifted skin fold

7) Dispose of used needle safely (see section 17)


Figure 2: Correct (left) and incorrect (right) ways of performing the skin fold.


Figure 3: The correct angle of injection

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