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For the last three years a dedicated group of injection technique experts have analysed the literature and have helped to bring together a set of new recommendations. At long last all clinicians and people with diabetes who need injectable therapy have access to an on-line source of data and educational material focusing on optimal injection technique in the treatment of diabetes.

The recommendations and other material published on this web site are thoroughly evidence-based. They will stress throughout the need for optimal injection technique and aim to demonstrate how important this is for achieving optimal glycaemic control.

This website aims to provide faster and wider spread implementation of optimal injection technique using evidence-base to ensure that clinical practice will help support people with diabetes to build the best possible daily injection technique. Optimal injection technique will help support glycaemic control which is proven to reduce the incidence of diabetes complications.

FIT will provide evidence-based best practice information for all those with diabetes using injectable therapies to achieve the best possible health outcomes by ensuring that the dose is delivered in the right injection site, using the right technique, every time. This will be done through professional and patient education, accessible support and research.

FIT International’s hope is that this site will be the one single source that people with diabetes and those who help care for them who want to learn how to implement optimal injection technique can go to for answers.

We welcome your feedback and direction towards building FIT4diabetes.com into the most useful tool possible.

Please read our Mission Statement.

This website is operated by Becton, Dickinson UK Limited, England (Registered Office No. 852702. 1030 Winnersh Triangle, Eskdale Road, Winnersh, Oxfordshire RG41 5TS GB - United Kingdom) on behalf of the FIT International.

The content of this Site is presented in summary form, is general in nature, and is provided for information purposes only; it is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for professional medical advice. This Site aims to raise awareness of Injection Techniques in the treatment of Diabetes to more effectively manage clinical outcomes.

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