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What You’ll See Inside

The recommendations within this document aim to raise awareness of existing and emerging research related to injection technique.

Implementation of these recommendations may have a direct impact on the health outcomes of those individuals living with diabetes who require subcutaneous injection therapy. This document will be distributed to all Health Care Professionals involved in injection therapy for diabetes. A Canadian injection practice survey will be conducted. Analysis of this data will guide future recommendations.

The development of FIT and the subsequent Canadian recommendations for injection technique have been supported by BD Canada and endorsed by pharmaceutical companies whose therapies include subcutaneous injections of insulin and GLP-1 receptor agonists.

FIT Safety

FIT4Safety Canada provides evidence-based best practice information to promote the safe and effective use and disposal of sharps used in the provision of care for people with diabetes.

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FIT Tools

A series of educational tools based on FIT Canada’s Recommendations for Best Practice in Injection Technique.

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Meet the FIT Team!

The FIT Board is made up of experienced diabetes educators who have come together to establish and promote best practice in injection technique.

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