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FIT Recommendations

The Forum for Injection Technique (FIT) was developed to establish and promote best practice in injection technique for all involved in diabetes care and the founding members are experienced diabetes specialist nurses.

These recommendations aim to raise awareness of existing and emerging research relating to injection technique and the impact this may have on health outcomes for those with  diabetes that require subcutaneous injection therapy.

FIT was established following the 3rd International Injection Technique meeting (Athens 2009). From this meeting a consensus was reached to establish the international injection technique recommendations. Following a very successful inaugural symposium held in London on 4th June 2010, attended by over 40 experienced diabetes specialist nurses from across the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, the international injection technique recommendations have been adapted for use in the UK. These are the first UK recommendations for Injection Technique and these will be revised on an annual basis to include new research evidence as it emerges.

FIT is an autonomous organisation whose overarching mission is to support people with diabetes using injectable therapies to achieve the best possible health outcomes that can be influenced by correct injection technique. There are now nearly 3 million people in the UK with diabetes and of these approximately 800,000 are on injectable therapies.*

The development of FIT and the subsequent UK recommendations for injection technique have been sponsored by BD Medical - Diabetes Care and endorsed by the pharmaceutical companies whose therapies include subcutaneous injections of insulin and GLP-1 agonists. FIT is committed to supporting the implementation of the recommendations by all those involved in diabetes care and to developing the recommendations further. We welcome any comments, suggestions and active participation in ensuring that the recommendations remain relevant and useful for now and the future.

Debbie Hicks
Nurse Consultant – Diabetes (Chair)

Dr Debra Adams
Head of Infection Prevention and Control

Jane Diggle
Specialist Practitioner – Diabetes

Carole Gelder
Children's Nurse Specialist – Diabetes

 Download full FIT Recommendations here